Our Mission

Our goal is to produce a brand that protects the investment that sheep breeders have made into facial eczema (FE) while providing greater clarity to the ram buyer in regard to facial eczema genetics.

Our Objectives:

  • Promote breeders of elite FE-tolerant rams
  • Raise awareness amongst ram buyers of the value of buying from ‘FE Gold’ breeders
  • Establish and maintain a website containing information on FE and ‘FE Gold’ breeders
  • Encourage other sheep breeders to work towards accreditation
  • Produce an annual article promoting ‘FE Gold’ breeders, for publication in a farming magazine
  • To breed healthier sheep stocks which will enhance the clean green reputation of New Zealand

Questions to ask your Ram Breeder

  • How long have you being testing for FE?
  • What dose rate are you testing at?
  • Can I please see your Ramguard certificate?
    • The important information is
      • Number of years testing
      • Dose rate
      • Number of rams tested

The COSTS of facial eczema

If there was a decrease in scanning of 20% in a 2000 ewe flock this simple maths would suggest

  • 400 less lambs at $120 each equates to a $48,000 loss

To read the full article by veterinarian Richard Atkinson about FE and what is costs sheep farmers click here

Steering Committee

Russell Proffit (Chair)
07 877 8977 - 027 355 2927

Kate Broadbent
09 233 3230

Alastair Reeves
07 825 4925

Paul Crick
027 450 4085

Brett Teutenberg
027 446 3684

Tracy Abbott
027 284 0374

Russell Croy (Ramguard, AgResearch)
03 321 8753 - 027 926 1373 

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